Polishing my bash scripting skills!

Recently, I have been busy with studying and doing assignments from my university courses. One of the assignment I had was to write a Scanner, as a part of a ... Read more

Hillsong on Campus Sign Up App!

So over the past months I have been working on a project for Hillsong on Campus. The purpose of this is to help people in the community when contacting new ... Read more

My Google Internship

I was really blessed and lucky to be able to do an internship at Google, Sydney during the summer. I worked on an open sourced project and the code is ... Read more

How to list files when changing directory with fish shell

Hi everyone! This is one trick I learned earlier to list the files in a directory, when changing into another directory. I think this is actually a pretty useful thing, ... Read more

CTFLearn: Where Can My Robot Go?

This is another problem from CTFLearn. In this problem, we were given 3 hints, that suggest us to find out about robots.txt. So I decided to just look at ... Read more

CTFLearn: Forensics 101

This is one of the first few problems I solved. In this problem, you are given a picture to find the flag.

Usually with this kind of problem the first ... Read more

How do I make my own template filter in Django?

So I was just working on a project and wanted to create my own template filter to help me do stuffs. And I looked at Django's documentation, on how ... Read more

Making the Sudoku Solver

Back in my introductory programming course in university, which was in the beginning of 2016, one of the major part of the course was called "Something Awesome". Something Awesome is ... Read more

Hello World!

Hello! This is my first blog post and I am super happy to finally be able to deploy my website. I decided to use pythonanywhere.com to host the website. By ... Read more